The Avengers - American Cinematographer Magazine - June 2012

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Robert Downey jr on Le City Deluxe Magazine - International edition - May 2013

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RDJ’s 44 year of acting.

RDJ’s first acting film “Pound” was released on August 17, 1970.


Fortune Magazine, January 2011

Despite only being in the job a few months, Fortune dubs Pepper Potts its CEO of 2010. Impressed by her ability to put a postivie spin on anything, even a weapons company that no longer makes weapons, and apparently unflappable composure under pressure, Fortune asks whether or not she’ll be able to keep the share prices up, as Tony Stark’s antics as Iron Man become more and more extraordinarily dangerous.

Rumor has it Pepper isn’t quite so composed when the cameras are off, but isn’t the ability to keep what goes on behind closed doors yet another sign of a good leader?

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2011/11/30 BAFTA Los Angeles 2011 Britannian Awards



Tony ‘I can sleep anywhere so long as it isn’t a bed’ Stark.


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Avengers Age of Ultron - SDCC - F*** Magazine - August 2014

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Rico Rodriguez gives the Age of Ultron cast 12 seconds to promote the movie (2/2) [x

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